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how educational could be used

I could use blogs in theatre by having students comment on different productions they have seen and discuss them. They could also share how they are growing as artist in the classroom, share strategies to combat stage fright, and other useful tips and methods for performance.

Educational Blogs – Useful or Not?

As a go through all of these blogs I think of time wasted. Less is more to me. I have a different view of idle time. Surf, relax, read a book (before I had kids).

How would I apply the use of a blog.
1. Communicate with the public (students, parents, staff, other teachers). What is going on in my class.
2. Have students engage one another. Posting and commenting. This allows for everyone to have a voice and speak when they want. Not as much pressure.
3. Use it as a creative tool for some type of project.


Excellence…and Wiki’s

This school created a wiki of everything being disucssed during the year.  I was impressed at the teacher and students ability to put something like this together.  JFK History Wiki   This is definitly worth a click!

Reuben – The Blogs I Looked At

1. Blogcritic Magazine – This was a vast list of political blogs. I just looked at a post on the Republicans and the YouTube Debate. Interesting comments. Both Liberal and Conservative banter.

2. The Real Estate Bloggers – Interesting Real Estate related posts. Up to date and relevant to people in all states.

amity-blogs I liked

I looked at a Harry Potter blog that inculded the author’s comments on the last book. She answered questions posted by bloggers. She clarified some of the lingering questions that the last book left unanswered, like how did Griffyndor’s sword appear out of the sorting hat?


Keen blogs

Not enough time to really look at this blog but it looks good


Blogs I liked

I found a cool Padres blog. Most of the bloggers were glad the Padres made moves at the deadline compared to last year when the team did nothing. Check it out!

Blogs I like and don’t like.

Not all of these may be in EduBlog, but here are four sites I reviewed.  “No Time to Sleep” told me about another site that has Biological Animations courtesy of John Giannini, but not all of them worked or were slow to load.  “Testosterone Nation” had a great article on nutrition by a professional who worked with LL Cool J on his new book.  I agree we need more Omega 3′s to combat inflammation etc.  “Jaz-Z Water for Life” had a video on how bad life is in Angola and finally, “Curriki” is a teacher resource page where teachers can share project ideas.  However, I couldn’t find any good project ideas-No offense.



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